Shit Robot, DFA's 20 year secret

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shit robot

It's absurd to think a band would take two years to complete a record. Shit Robot's debut took 21 years to complete.

Marcus Lambkin, a.k.a Shit Robot, was born a down and out Dubliner, raised on clouds, rain and gloom until the day his friends returned from London with Acid House records. He took his wide-eyed wonderment and acid records to New York, eventually securing a DJ residency at the iconic club night Save The Robots. By 2000, Lambkin was burnt out with the club scene and bratty kids. He quit DJing to focus on milling about his Planet Music office space with fellow Irishman Dominique Keegan. The Irishmen shared that Lower East Side building with a small indie upstart called DFA records.

From there, its the opening of Lambkin and Keegan's Planet Bar, which became an unofficial headquarters for DFA Friday nights, in which Lambkin and James Murphy would DJ under the moniker Shit Robot. The debut, From The Cradle To The Rave, hits shelves September 21 and features Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip, Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem and of course, James Murphy's sarcasm.

Shit Robot, “I Found Love” (TBD Remix)

The Juan MacLean, “No Time” (Shit Robot remix)