Shivastep, “Moksha Medicine Mix”

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Shivatep sent a mix under the title, “Moksha Medicine Mix, which meant pulling up a Wikipedia tab in order to interpret “moksha”. Like any body who's read more than two Herman Hesse novels, I've got a passing and pedestrian interest in Eastern faiths and traditions, but this was my introduction to moshka which can be translated as self-realization or liberation. Once again, if you've ever read Hesse you know achieving a breakthrough requires an arduous journey.

Shivastep currently resides in LA, but he's originally from Chicago. I noted in my coverage of his track “Boss” that it encompassed an American journey from the ghettohouse of Chicago to the trap rap of the South, but it's got to be hi-fi if it's going to knock the LA clubs. By not forgetting where he came from with cuts like DJ Rashad and Lil Wish and being willing to accept that both old and new artists can inspire him, Shivastep is taking a healthy swig of enlightenment.

For more insight into the “Moshka Medicine Mix”, read on:

This mix is about showcasing the songs and def not my (admittedly minimal) mixing skillz. These are some of my favorite tracks, some older some newer and artists that excite/inspire me. As is probably obvious by now I'm very susceptible to a good melody and some genre bending. A word or two on these tracks and why i dig/picked them:

Here's Bear Face epitomizing how to wring emotion from a vocal sample.
I've listened to this Aphex Twin track a million times and its appeal is timeless, the phrasing/timing of the “chorus” is seriously otherworldly.
Richard D is a fucking alien conduit.
The synths on “On Like That”, the square wave sweeps, and how they slur and weave together.
Pop, pop, drop, pop, I'm back in chicago.
And DJ Rashad owns it.
DJ Paypal jukin it hard and soulful at the same time.
Nguzu are my favorite live DJs.
Cosmic Revenge and Hemsworth making killer hip hop that's not.
Closing with Gummybear/Friendzone going straight for the heartstrings.
Bay Area will do that. ∞

Shivastep, “Friday Night Moksha Medicine Mix”

Shivastep's Moshka Medicine Tracklist:
01. Bear//face, “Jean Ralphio”
02. Aphex Twin, “Alberto Balsalm"
03. Shivastep, “On Like That”
04. Lil Wish, “Pop Drop”
05. DJ Rashad. “Trap Bakk”
06. DJ Paypal, “Why”
07. Fatima Al Qadiri, “Hip Hop Spa” (Nguzunguzu Remix)
08. Cosmic Revenge, “Hustle Up”
09. Ryan Hemsworth, “Charlie Wingate”
10. Gummybear, “Can't Go Wrong” (ft Friendzone)

Shivastep's Ode To The Grind EP is out now on Track Number Records.