Smokey Brights, “Not Enough Time”

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We’ve got the exclusive premiere of “Not Enough Time”, the second single off the forthcoming Smokey Brights album Hot Candy to get you through the week. The song has a confident energy and attitude that lends it a timeless quality without leaning too heavily upon the mores of any specific genre. With its brash pop rock sound, Smokey Brights’ “Not Enough Time” is in the tradition of classics by The Replacements or Fleetwood Mac while still standing on its own two feet in the modern era.

“Not Enough Time” opens with a serene, yet invigorating first verse that drives towards a transcendent pre-chorus after which the song opens up like a forest clearing to let the rest of the tune shine through in all its iridescent splendor. There’s also a fun, snaking guitar riff that slinks across a choir of dreamy, Beatles-esque background vocals that floats in and out of the track. All of these elements are blanketed by full, resounding percussion that rises and falls throughout the song, never letting up until the tune’s final moments.

So, while we may all find ourselves rushing through our days and weeks, lamenting the fact that there’s simply not enough time to do everything we’re obliged to do, Smokey Brights’ “Not Enough Time” serves as a reminder that there’s always enough time to lose yourself in a four-minute and twenty second piece of modern AM radio gold and just rock out for a bit.

And you can do just that with our exclusive stream of “Not Enough Time” while passing the time until Smokey Brights’ full-length Hot Candy drops on October 21. You can also follow Smokey Brights on Facebook, SoundCloud, BandCamp, YouTube, and on their website at