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Snacs Weird Ontology

New York/New Jersey producer Josh Abramovici, aka Snacs, has blessed our earbuds with a new album, Weird Ontology; once again blending popular samples and unobtrusive, wobbly beats to create his own signature sound. Like his previous album, Swim Tape, Weird Ontology flows seamlessly as a whole, finding the perfect balance between crowd-pleasing bangerz (as banger-y as thick, watered-down tunes can be) with ambient textures. The triumphant opener, “Retreat,” gives way to “Ataraxia,” which includes a deconstructed version of Beyonce's “Get Me Bodied.” Following the mellow “Art Shadow,” the soulful “Better Cobra” comes in with a chopped Jadakiss sample before a breakdown in the final seconds of the song that leads smoothly into the heavy “Love Me Now.” All coming to a sudden, crashing, chaotic head on the album closer, “Luxury Ride.”

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Any Snacs track could be called a luxury ride, so perhaps every review should be limited to these words. One can choose to drift passively to the beats of Weird Ontology, or one can be carried away by every sample.

Listen to Weird Ontology on Snacs’ bandcamp and stream “Retreat” below.

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