Snow Ghost's free mini-album

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Snow Ghost

There was a time when oh so many a college bands sounded like haphazard and pubescent aspirations of fusing Pavement, The Dismemberment Plan and maybe The Decemberists, or some other relevant timely influence of the early Aughts (how about The Shins?). You could interview your contemporaries for your college paper and they'd use phrases like “tasty licks” to describe their machinations. Those were fun times, before all those 90s bands got back together for reunion tours. Once that happened, we no longer cared to live vicariously through our peers who tried their hand at indie-alternative, the real deal was back and totally worth a $200 ticket.

Chicago's Snow Ghost feel like those times revisisted, and I mean that in the most respectful of manners. They call it “post-progressive”. It's certainly tastefully reminiscent, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it Rememberment Plan. The Mini-Album is just that; a four-song collection that jams at an appropriate length and explores a few weird nooks that I hope Snow Ghost look into further, also there's street recordings.