Stevie Talks, "Someday"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Costa Mesa’s Stevie Talks had the opportunity to tour full time with Atlas Genius but decided to do his own thing instead. We are so lucky he did. In his new single “Someday,” Stevie Talks brings together a great mix of classic rock guitar, honey sweet vocals and cool alt rock production effects. The song is thematically simple: “Someday” is a love song that expresses loving someone after the fact, someone he can’t seem to ever shake from his mind.
Says the artist of the track:

This song was written for all of my relationships that fell victim to the relentless blows of poor timing. I would always tell myself that “someday things will work out.” However, this is a load of shit. I’ve been aimlessly single for two years now, and through awkwardly failed attempts at app dating and swiping left and right and constantly having food stuck in my teeth at fancy restaurants, I have realized that there will never be a perfect time to fall in love. If you love someone, don’t wait. Go get ‘er.

“Someday” is anthemic, full of pop hooks that will make you want to sing along at the top of your lungs.

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