Sophie Kemp

Sophie Kemp is a punk rock journalist currently based in Paris, France and is from the tri city area (Albany, Schenectady and Troy). She’s freelanced all over the Internet and is a junior at Oberlin College, where she DJs a shoegaze show and lives in a library study carrel.
@sophiefkemp on twitter

Sophie Kemp's Posts

Big Thief, Capacity

Delicate, poetic.

Adult Mom Talks Internet History (!!!), the Bridge Between Prose and Songwriting, and Incredible Band

“I think humor is so cool.”

Plastic Nancy, “Mommy Thinks The Birds Are After Me”

Dreamy and infectious.

YesYou, “Change is Gonna Come”

Soul meets synth pop.

Welles, Codeine

Blown out of the water sound.

Have Mercy, Make The Best Of It

Emo barbecue rock.

Shakes, “Waiting On A Feeling”

A cinematic experience.

Art Contest, “Sports”

Like a sweaty day at the beach.

Linda Fox, “Like New”

Totally surreal.

Desert Tundra, Something Fierce

This record wants to make your heart pound.

JoLivi’s “Love Who You Wanna Love” Gets Remixed by Lux Holm

A high energy dance track.

Adele H, Civilization

A peaceful mix of songs.

All The Rest, “Black Plague”

A masterpiece of another kind.

Charly Bliss, Guppy

Homage to the 90’s.

Hot Collars, “Tongue Tied”

Energetic lyricism.

Monograms, Silencer

Beautiful fuzz.

Stay Inside, As You Were

Emotionally charged.

Charming Disaster, Cautionary Tales


Molly Drag, Whatever Reason

Weird but wonderful.


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