Welles, Codeine

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

The murkiness and swampiness of the south is present everywhere in Welles‘ new EP Codeine. The five track EP is a trek through bluesy backwaters and gritty vocals and blown out guitar noise. Welles’ debut EP is psychedelic in its guitar and it’s lyrics, the EP takes a nod to the songwriting of the ’60s and ’70s, playing with themes of confusion, loneliness and leaving people behind.
The voice of frontman Jehesa Wells is raspy and deep, it embodies blues but when met with the artist’s wry style of songwriting, becomes something more surreal, something that has you on edge. Codeine is strongest in Welles’ ability as a vocalist and drive to stop on the fuzz pedal and create blown out of the water sound. Sometimes the songwriting can be a little heavy handed, but that is more or less the point.
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