Rey Pila, Wall of Goth

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Rey Pila has released their new EP Wall of Goth. The quartet from Mexico city whose members are Diego Solórzano, Rodrigo Blanco, Andrés Velasco Miguel Hernández, have created a rock album disguised as a dance record. Each of the four tracks have their own personality and rhythms
“No Man’s Land” is reminiscent of Madonna’s “Justify Your Love” with its’ emotional lyrics and back beat. “How Do You Know?” will definitely get you dancing, either on your chair or on your feet – in the same way, “Ninjas”, with a nod to Devo, invites you to move as well. “Sunday Games” might be the ‘slow’ song on the EP, but even then, there will be shoulder movement.
Check out Rey Pila’s Wall of Goth.
Track List:
1. How Do You Know?
2. Ninjas
3. Sunday Games
4. No Man’s Land
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