JoLivi's "Love Who You Wanna Love" Gets Remixed by Lux Holm

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

In a new remix by Lux Holm, premiering today on IMPOSE, JoLivi is down to dance and talk to you about a big idea: love who you wanna love. In the song of the same name, we hear JoLivi sing about how important it is to be yourself and to always be working towards changing the world. JoLivi’s dreamy vocals are distorted and amped up with the addition of Lux Holm’s electronics, turning this song from a ballad to a high energy dance track.
Lux Holm’s remix came from a contest JoLivi partnered with WAVO on. “When I first heard the track, I immediately knew that I had to remix it,” he admitted. “Jolivi‘s voice is unique, and she can sing pretty high, so I felt like making vocal chops with her voice would be perfect. The whole remix actually came from a mistake; I accidentally added distortion to a simple synth, and I started making chords with it. It started to sound good, and I told to myself that I should turn it into Future Bass. From that, I started building the remix as it sounded in my head, and I’m pretty proud about the final result!”
Says JoLivi, “I loved working with WAVO for this contest remix. Being able to work with artists all over the world that I would not otherwise have the opportunity to is amazing. I fell in love with what Lux Holm added to my song and hope to work with him again.”
“Love Who You Wanna Love,” is pop EDM that is meant to make you think and cut loose with your friends.

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