Flower, Death By Internet

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Atlanta punk trio Flower‘s M.O in their new EP Death By Internet is be wary of everything at all costs. The three track EP start with the track “Hysteria,” opening on an eerie sampling of people talking about the internet, eventually moving into some doom filled punk rock riffing and equally ennui plagued lyricism. We then hear the equally ominous track “Ritalin Taught Me To Hate Myself,” which features some well produced guitar work and finally end out on “Pitiful,” which showcases Flower at their most lo-fi. Inspired by the idea that the Internet does more harm than it does, Death By Internet is a gritty combination of songs that take themselves very, very seriously.
“In a world so infinitely connected, no one should feel alone,” explains frontman Jack Fowler. “And yet most of the people I know are depressed as fuck and want to die. I feel it too. I don’t want to be a slave to social media and a whore to click-bate. Death By Internet was written from that experience, locked away in a room where I contemplated suicide. I feel a lot better now that its out and I can move forward from it. I hope our listeners will too.”

The EP is streaming now with Impose, out on March 30th via Megafuss. Keep up with Flower here.