Den-Mate, Entropii

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

Get paid go home go back again chants Den-Mate (aka Jules Hale) in the midpoint of her new new EP Entropii. This feeling of boredom, of the ordinary piling on top of you is met with heavy and layered electronics. As Hales repeats herself, the beat grows and piles on top of itself, knocking everything down in sight. It’s a feeling that you wouldn’t usually associate with dance music.
But then again, it would be hard to call Entropii pure dance music. It is a record that is difficult to classify, Hales borrows noises from all around: you can discern synth work that could come from dream pop but is so heavy it feels goth or practically industrial. In “Sea,” Hales loops her own voice, as she sings we hear reverberant guitar work and a pulsating electronic drum beat. Hales’ voice is natural and when she sings over her synth work it’s as if her voice seems to float.
All of these songs do unique work for Den-Mate’s sound, while each track plays with similar aesthetics, the structures are disparate, each song lending itself to some interesting play. What’s clear is there is something brewing in the depths of den-mate’s work. It’s something that feels entirely from another planet all together. It wants you to dance.
Entropii is available now. Keep up with Den-Mate here.