Low Roar, Once In A Long, Long While

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

The songs on Low Roar‘s most recent album Once In A Long, Long While are soft spoken. They don’t make much noise. They are delicate and transient. Over the course of the album’s 12 tracks, Low Roar opts for simplicity, playing with melodies that are intricately crafted but easy on the ears.
The record is primarily driven by synths and electronic drumbeats. Low Roar‘s synths have a habit of floating and his drumbeats have a habit of functioning as grounding devices.
Once In A Long, Long While feels like a record about ephemerality, Low Roar as a musician has planted himself all around the globe. He’s lived in Mexico, Iceland, Sweden and San Francisco. He is someone who has traveled and wants to let you know it influences his work. This album features track titles in Icelandic, names of churches and names that don’t feel natural to say out loud. It’s an album that works best as background noise while driving. It’s quiet and warm.
Once In A Long, Long While is available now.