Strange Games & Funky Things Vol.5

Blake Gillespie

Strange Breaks & Funky Things

There's one break series above all I've grown to trust unconditionally. Gilles Peterson once called it the greatest rare grooves compilation series of all time. It's odd to say, but the moment I see the words “strange” and “things” hovering close to one another I fill with excitement at the impending discovery of dusty grooves.

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The Strange Games… series was conceived in 1997 by BBE founder Peter Adarkwah with some help from DJ Spinna. The two are five volumes deep in trading off compiling soul, disco and groove breaks. I want to say they've also had help from Mr. Thing with his Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing digital release last November, a compilation that remains on the iPod for funky dish washing sessions.

Volume 5 is a double disc/lp focused on 70's soul and rare grooves with Disc 1 mixed entirely by BBE stalwart DJ Spinna and Disc 2 as an unmixed version – meaning no “wicky-wicky” scratch. It features a few recognizable names such as War and dozens of lesser knowns, but historically significant such as Sylvia, who is founder of Sugarhill Records. Meme Magazine is streaming Disc 1 on its Soundcloud page, which can be heard here. Pre-order the 12″ here.

Strange Games & Funky Things Volume 5 is out September 28 BBE Music.

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