Stream Band Practice’s Make Nice

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A few weeks ago we shared “Bartending at the Silent Barn”, a sweet, simple charmer from Jeanette Wall and Ben Bondy, aka Band Practice. Now, the Brooklyn scenesters have unveiled their full debut, Make Nice, and it’s more of the same: inviting, breezy pop mixed with sharp, empathetic wit.

Make Nice incorporates a little bit of everything, from the super slick rhythms of “Magic!” to the beautiful bedroom acoustics of “Spare Parts”. Topics covered include boredom, after-school specials, falling in love, and handing out beer to strangers. A thoroughly captivating front woman, Jeanette Wall pens lyrics that are childlike and naive at one moment, hyper-aware at the next. There’s no denying that Wall’s flair for capturing the bizarre, trivial aspects of life is enviable, and it’s a skill she’s fully honed on her first proper release.

Band Practice’s Make Nice is out now via Chill Mega Chill.