Stream: Leisure Birds' Tetrahedron

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Neo-psychadelic krautrockers Leisure Birds’ new album Tetrahedron was just released today on Moon Glyph and Totally Gross National Product. To celebrate the release, Moon Glyph is streaming the whole thing over on their website. Unfortunately, I can’t actually embed the album here. But believe me, it’s worth the trek over to Moon Glyph to listen.

From the mellotron and driving beat of “Miner of Light” to the drone of the album’s titular track, Tetrahedron reveals itself to be a breed of psychadelia unique to Leisure Birds. There’s the obvious late-60s influence (early Pink Floyd, The United States of America), but there’s also something different there that’s hard to put into words. It’s a rare release that can pair a very ambient track like “reT 120813” with the pseudo-punk jam “Geodesic Lines” right next to each other, and it's certainly an interesting listen. Stream two tracks from the release here, and (like I said earlier) go to Moon Glyph’s site for the whole stream.

Tetrahedron is available now on digital and vinyl formats.