Stream L’Orange, After The Flowers EP

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Whether he’s mapping out the direction of his record or curating a mix for our Friday Night series, L’Orange is a conceptually driven thinker. He sees a plot in his mind and transfers that narrative to his production.

For Orchid Days, L’Orange offered the abstract “A man fell in love. Then the world was destroyed by an ever-growing nothing in the sky” as the impetus for an album about falling in love on the verge of the rapture. For our Friday Night series he reflects on the loves lost as though they were a nicotine fix he had to quit. This week he dropped the After The Flowers EP, a companion piece to Orchid Days in which the aftermath is spent meditating on love and loss.

With the vocal assistance of Red Pill, Chuck Inglish, Meyhem Lauren, and billy woods, the After The Flowers EP is the fall as told through a series of testimonials, while L’Orange fills in the gaps with vignettes of tragic depth in sonic resonance.

Purchase Orchid Days at Mello Music Group. Stream and download the EP for free here.