Stream Ovens’ self-titled 7″ from 2008

Derek Evers

Ovens 7"

Pop punk is a term used cautiously; with images of the Hot Topic the genre turned into—and the disgruntled old men it left behind—it’s almost ironic how hard it’s become to be nostalgic for the music that reared so many of us. Maybe it takes a re-release from 2008 to make us remember. The Ovens today might be most recognized as the band who launched the career of Tony Molina, but as the two 7-inches Catholic Guilt Records have reissued will remind us, they were a wide-sprawling band incorporating lush arrangements into their two-minute pop ditties. The Weezer references are easily apparent, some may hear the Beatles, Fastback, or even Thin Lizzy; all of which should inspire you to hit play immediately.


The eight songs on the Ovens’ self-titled 7″ were recorded in 2008 and, as Molina admits, “several of us believe it to be our strongest recording.” For fans of Molina, this is a must have. For fans of music, it’s worth indulging yourself in a little guilty pleasure.

Limited to 500 records and two per customer, the Ovens 7″ is now available. You can stream it below.

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