Stream Strange Relations’ -CENTRISM

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A wide-range battle between light and dark is taking place in the Midwest, particularly in Minneapolis, particularly in the choral instrumentalism and hollowed vocal melancholy of “diary rock” outfit Strange Relations. The trio’s new, debut LP, -CENTRISM, contains much of the anxiety-ridden joys of being young and alive and unsure of everything. Songs fluctuate from the thumping rhythmic bass-centric and vocal outpourings of album opener and new single “Underage” to the wondrous indie-pop of “Distraction”. “Panther’s Conquest” is full of outright punk angst, while “Uprooted” deals in somber emptiness. Clear as day pop sensibilities transition seamlessly from song to song, or, within a track, from riff to riff, to include just the slightest dark tinge of bittersweet longing, and back again. In the bands’ own words, -CENTRISM “refers to the idea of focusing your life, thoughts, or desires around one idea or person … This album is about how we define ourselves through our relationships, and how we both feed off and are bound by our desires.” Stream it below.