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Summer of Fuzz

Oakland imprint Fuzz City partnered up with St. Louis's Acid Kat Zine for a special packaging of its Summer of Fuzz compilation. With the purchase of each comp, you get an issue of Acid Kat Zine dedicated to the comp. Within the Kinkos pressed pages lies insight into each song on the comp, as well as traditional zine content like bathroom humor, toxic stupidity, and rad comic doodles.

Run by Warm Soda members Matthew Melton, Rob Good and (IMPOSE contributor) Sam Lefebvre, Fuzz City caught our ear with singles from the likes of Burnt Ones and Adam Widener, both of which appear on Summer of Fuzz. The comp is a savage journey across the seminal waste of America's degenerate fuzz rockers. It has its bratty wines, its rude posturing, its misguided worship, its bring-me-downs, and its bagged-up-and-still don't-give-a-shits. The likes of Chain & The Gang, Burnt Ones, White Mystery and Part Time should reel you in, but the pleasant surprises come from The Humms, White Witches, and Nightmare Boyzzz.

We regret to inform you, the compilation is no longer streaming, kids.

The Summer of Fuzz cassette is available at Fuzz City for $6.

01. BURNT ONES – Black Leather of Furs
02. WAX WITCHES – Every Time I Try
03. PART TIME – Mama's Boy
04. WHITE MYSTERY – Rapid Overdrive
05. BIG TITS – You Made Me Look
06. THE HUMMS – Don't Think About Death
07. SAUNA – Moth King
08. CHAIN & THE GANG – The Bag I'm In
09. CHEAP BLISS – Sun Lord
10. SLEEPY & THE BEDTIMES – Let You Down
11. ADAM WIDENER – Groovy Intuitions
12. CHAPTER 24 – Spindle
13. COCKTAILS – Ozark Lake
15. HOLLOW EARTH – No Religion