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stred sveta

Getting heady is hard to do when you’re entering a summer of lightness and bright rays, but if you really try, by turning out the lights and letting the darkness spin in front of you, your world can easily flip into a real-life Magic Eye poster. This will be made all the easier if you stream 6 tracks of exciting, eclectic, and heavy dance and experimental music from producer St≈ôed Svƒõta remixed by a handful of artists. The release is a digital-only download, which you can pick up on June 17 through Prague-based label Baba Vanga here, but in the meantime, check out the way the EP shines at the stream below and fall a little deeper down the rabbit hole.

The EP features remixes by Basic House, S Olbricht (both Opal Tapes), Mangrove Mangrave (Mik Musik), Somnoroase Pasarele, 1/x and Herr Rubin, all while maintaining the thorough depth and industrial quality of the original St≈ôed Svƒõta tracks.