Superparka – “AZ”

Paris duo blends hip-hop and R&B on futuristic new single

Superparka, the Paris-based duo comprising Paco and Simon, have once again demonstrated their prowess with their latest release AZ. This enthralling track effortlessly combines elements of R&B and Hip-hop, enveloped in a futuristic soundscape. Serving as a prelude to their upcoming 9-track LP, “AZ” showcases Superparka’s ability to craft mesmerizing productions.

The production of “AZ” is a sonic delight, weaving together electric piano melodies and ethereal synths that harmoniously meld with the dynamic electronic hip-hop drums. Paco’s layered vocals, delivered in hushed whispers and alluring falsettos, contribute to the dream-like atmosphere that permeates the track. The music video for “AZ,” directed by the visionary French filmmaker Pablo Padovani, aka Moodoid, further enhances the immersive experience.

Shot against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Sahara desert, the video takes viewers on a hallucinogenic journey, with Superparka’s members traversing vast landscapes and encountering enigmatic ancient creatures.

Notably, the metamorphosis of a goat into a CD adds an abstract layer to the video, providing a glimpse into the duo’s creative process. The visuals seamlessly blend with the expansive, dreamy ambiance of the single, captivating viewers and leaving them eager for the forthcoming album.

You can give the video for Superparka’s “AZ” a spin below: