Superparka – “Razzz”

Parisian indie pop duo shares new single off upcoming LP quatro – out Oct. 13

Superparka, the Parisian musical duo composed of Paco and Simon, has gifted us with their latest single, “Razzz,” a tantalizing preview of their forthcoming album, quatro, which was just announced for release on October 13th. With this track, Superparka continues to push the boundaries of their musical exploration with an effortless chill, driving their sound across multiple genre plains

“Razzz” immediately draws you in with an infectious electric guitar riff, followed by Superparka’s signature hip-hop-infused beats. The smooth, layered vocals seamlessly blend with a groovy bassline, creating a captivating rhythm. Building on the momentum of their previous release, “Easy,” which resonated with its powerful message of liberation, “Razzz” keeps the excitement alive.

Superparka’s album quatro promises to be an auditory adventure, blending innovative songwriting techniques, from automatic lyric writing to merging ’70s live instrumentals with contemporary trap elements. Crafted in a humble seaside house, the album reflects the boundless creativity of Paco and Simon.

You can give “Razzz” a spin below: