Tally Spear, "Just Don't Know"

Post Author: Impose Automaton
Tally Spear

Tally Spear, a 21-year old talented singer-songwriter fast on the rise has been building her name and reputation in the past year. Driving around the live circuit and a consistent set of quality singles have lead to her gaining critical acclaim from the likes of Clash and FRUK. All this may give the impression that Tally Spear is a 21-year old who has it all figured out, however ‘Just Don’t Know’ is proof to the fact that she’s just like any other 21-year old who is confronted with as many pressures and insecurities as we all are, regardless of our age or abilities.
Her creative and artistic qualities aren’t a mystery, with Tally being raised in a creative household with her mother, a theatre actress, and musician. However, this hasn’t hindered the singer-songwriter in shaping her our own path and artistic style.  Her understanding of both folk storytelling and the hook of pop harmonies are clear to see and that maybe her bearing the fruits of being under the influence of her father who encouraged her to listen to traditional folk and rock music from an early age.
Her love of words naturally developed through this creative setting, using songwriting as a method to battle her insomnia and an anxiety disorder. Behind her, bright and breezy melodies lie moving lyrics that offer insight into the complexities of the human mind.
Just Don’t Know explores the personal nonetheless it doesn’t lead to Tally shying away from delving into perceived social and political issues.
Tally Spear is a testament to more than first meets the eye. On the surface, a pretty singer/songwriter who knows how to pen a radio friendly hit, but along that she’s a powerful poet who can move heart and mind.
Listen below.