The Bay – “Kybela” (feat. Joy Tyson)

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

The Bay is an electronic production duo from Berlin consisting of lifelong friends Sebastian Budde and Raycito. Last year they formed The Bay as a sort of live-project collective, welcoming various artists of all genres into their collaborative world. Their groovy, sultry debut single “Mirow” was an eclectic banger that got the project off to a flying start. Now they’ve teamed up with Afro-fusion musician and singer Joy Tyson for a hypnotic and visceral house jam called “Kybela.”

Armed with an arsenal of production tricks, The Bay unleashes skittering Worldbeat-influenced percussion, shimmering synths and propulsive melodies – all grouped perfectly with Tyson’s unbelievably soulful voice. Her vibrant Zulu-sung lyrics give the track its euphoric and cultural flavor, a call to arms for unity and love: “People of the World/ Come together/ We only get one chance/ Let’s love each other.” Overall, “Kybela” is an incredibly diverse and funky slice of tech-house. The production is lush and varied, featuring a myriad of atmospheric vocal samples and driving basslines. It’s the perfect single to reign in the start of summer, and all the dance parties to come. When The Bay drop any new songs, we’ll be sure to bring you coverage. In the meantime, listen to “Kybela” below.