The Dead Sailor Girls, "Sail Away"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

The San Francisco based band The Dead Sailor Girls comprised of Eve Hay, Julietta Hay, Ned Doherty, and John Stuart, have a new album coming out and “Sail Away” is the latest single from that effort.
“Sail Away” has an ethereal feel with Eve Hay’s clear singular vocals and elegant harmonies provided by her mother Julietta Hay.  The tune has movement that actually seems to carry the song forward, almost as if really sailing away.  The band uses the Pacific Ocean that they live near to inspire them and their music.  The track itself was produced by Karl Derfler whose credits include work with Tom Waits, Not Doubt, and Live.
Quote from band: “Sail Away is about the moment you realize you’ve found the person to share your life with and then having the courage to leap into the unknown…trusting that love will carry you above any sorrow.”

The Dead Sailor Girls’ album Rolling Sea is set for release on April 28 on Blue Rose Music.