New Masons, "Black Feather"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Fredonia, NY’s alternative indie/pop five piece New Masons – comprised of Ariel Arellano (guitar), Deanna Civilette (keys, vocals), Michael Gonzalez-Kelly (vocals), Jimmy Hartmann (synths, electronics), and John Greenan (drums, percussion) – is here to get your heart pumping vigorously with their gorgeous, percussion-driven track “Black Feather”. Although the tempo is slightly slower, they take an almost smooth listening path with it, slowly compounding the instrumentals into an empowering – yet somehow still serene – sound. Check out the premiere below, and a few quick questions with the New Masons!

How did you pick the name “New Masons”?

Some say the name New Masons derives from the Freemasons. All we can say is, we can’t talk about it.

What inspires your music?

Beer, Incubator, mood lighting, working past midnight, etc…

What makes you work well together as a group?

Beer. And we’re all very casual people and just love jamming together. Our jams can turn into an idea for a new song or we can just be singing/rapping about really inappropriate things that no one else will hear besides us.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it?

A weird blend of nostalgic 80’s rock/pop and futuristic synth-y-ness that challenges your listening ability  at every turn.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Before we go on stage we have a band ritual only known to the members (current and old) of New Masons. One time we forgot to do it and that was one of the worst shows we’ve ever played. Deanna forgot to cue backing tracks, click tracks were bleeding through the PA, and John forgot to wear underwear.
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