TOMA, "Going Nowhere"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Austin’s TOMA is prepping for some really big projects in 2017, but the first on their list of awesomeness is their brand new release, a track titled “Going Nowhere”. (What a great way to ring in the New Year, huh?) We’ve got the exclusive premiere.
The song starts with a bang, all instruments on full display before the poignant lyrics even set in. And then they do. And even though the song is upbeat in its disposition, you’re drawn down into the fading memories of a torturous ending to love.

01.25•The Monarch (El Paso, TX)
01.26•The Flycatcher (Tucson, AZ)
02.02•The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa, CA)
02.08•Frog and Peach Pub (San Luis Obispo, CA)
02.20•The Continental Room (Fullerton, CA)
02.27•The Resident (Los Angeles, CA)
04.22•Rockwood Music Hall (New York, NY)
Aroma is out March 31st.