Tors – Won't Remember

The UK Trio Share a Bittersweet Indie Anthem

Having received praise from the likes of The Clash, BBC Radio 6Music and BBC Introducing, and a sold-out tour with Tom Walker, British indie-folk trio Tors are set to release their brand new, highly-anticipated EP ‘Wilder Days’ tomorrow (May 11th). The lead single is ‘Won’t Remember’, a touching depiction of watching someone you love having to struggle through the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease.
“Won’t Remember is a song we’ve written for our Grandad. He suffers from Alzheimer’s and is now in a home by the sea where he loved to fish.  Visiting him is that strange mix of familiarity and joy but also heartbreak, you never know when he’ll remember you or he won’t and that’s what we deal with in the song”
That mix of joy with heartbreak is reflected in the vibe of the song. It’s an anthemic powerhouse of a track with the infectious hook “hope in my heart, hope in my head” that’s simply tailor-made for passionate festival crowds to sing along to, whilst the lyrics carry a real sadness and a longing for things to get better, knowing all along that there’s nothing that can be done.
Their harmonies are a real treat with voices that fit together seamlessly, and the melody gradually builds through the verse, resulting in a thumping chorus that hits you like a tonne of bricks. There’s a simplicity to the melody with some entrancing guitars and a powerful backbeat, but it works to perfection, allowing their emotionally-charged vocals to soar. Not bad for something recorded in their Dad’s old shed in Devon!
One thing’s for sure – these boys are on to something, and we’ll definitely be hearing a lot more about them in the months and years to come. ‘Won’t Remember’ has great crossover appeal that will transcend genres; it could be a great success.