Totoake, “Anyways (Ladada)”

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Rare though it may be, occasionally really giving a listen to the unknown, largely anonymous entities that float about on Soundclouds and Bandcamps untraveled can be remarkably rewarding. In the case of Totoake, a mellow guitar master with a focus on soft dreamy pop, one of my favorite singles of this year exists with little to no information to punctuate its existence. If you're a fan of casual Sunday mornings, bikerides to the beach, or trays of pastries eaten in a garden, this song is your friend, your companion, and it will not let you down. It's brightness comes from its knowledge that pressing too hard will only agitate—a guitar that shakes a little but doesn't overexert is all that Totoake needs to make waves that swell but never crash.

Though information is slight on Totoake, his Bandcamp features an even surfier, brighter track called “Warm Sunny” that we can't get over, either. Santa Cruz mellow pop for expressive, happy mornings.