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Maybe the Eurobot singing in tro with ten lo's actually has a name, history, legacy, but it's important for us that he remains locked into his wall-papered domain name, unaware that he's an automaton of the past reduced to a meme, because that shit's creepier than Leland Palmer dancing with his dead daughter's photo as played by the actor Ray Wise.

Also, OK Go's giant Mouse Trap, Lil Wayne's self-realizations, and Leo DiCaprio snorting coke, over and over again. Haill yeah.


OK Go, “This Too Shall Pass”

What's really impressive is the camera man's actually jumping between treadmills the whole time.

Fang Island, “Daisy”

In the department of other one-shot-only wonders, “Daisy”. Fang Island actually have a newer music video but we still like this one. Also help them find their van, they lost it this week in Brooklyn. Or get them a new one by buying stuff, here and here.

Nocando, “Two Track Mind” (Feat. Busdriver)

Missed this when it came out couple weeks ago.

The Fresh & Onlys, “Vanishing Cream”

These New Puritans, “We Want War”

These New Puritans, definitely marching to their own blood-stained beats. We like their new album Hidden.

The Seven Fields of Aphelion, “Michigan Icarus”

Black Mother Super Rainbow offshoot plays the part quite nicely. Via.

Danny Brown, “Re-Up”

Bikini, “ACheerlaeder”

Cut with scenes from Woody Allen's 1998 flick Celebrity. More on this one here.

The Monks Live

Performing “Monk Chant” in Germany in 1965. Try the visuals with Golden Triangle's “Death to Fame” instead.

Forest Swords, “Visits”


On Tour With Growing

They are going on tour. Follow their travels at the fader dot com.

Lil Wayne Talks Dental Surgery

Lil Wayne Learns Of Courthouse Fire

Scene from Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Finally, It's been a hell yeah kinda week.