U.S Duo Peppermint Heaven Are Delving into Retro on New EP

It’s always an intriguing combo when artists are able to blend the past and the future with a deft touch.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with the music of Chicago-based duo Peppermint Heaven. As a pairing, they heavily lean on the best elements of the 80’s to curate funk-rich, synth based sounds in their indie pop. They also frequently draw on the abilities of UK producers to provide a modern touch to their productions.

Having clocked up over a million streams on Spotify, the band have crossed over from cult success into more universal audience without ever compromising their distinctive and addictive sound. Their unique brand of 80’s style indie pop has a rare authenticity that sees their appeal stretch across the generations.

Their new EP ‘New Moons’, is the crux of this building approach towards their sound. They ebb and flow between complex, nuanced bass-lines and rich analogue synth lines. Check out the EP in full below