Viking, “The Feeling”

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Viking’s “The Feeling” is a slice of pure Americana that counts off in a mix of German and jibberish. “I got something that no one is dealing,” he bellows to a tune you might find variations on in every decade since the fifties (though this doesn’t necessarily make it old-fashioned or played-out—just a thing that has roots).

The first chorus sounds like he sings, “I want to keep the feeling,” which would be appropriate for the gesture of playing such an instantly nostalgic tune. But he’s actually saying “I want to kill, the feeling. I want to kill, the feeling.” Is “the feeling” (oppression, ennui, desire, take your pick) the thing that he wants to kill, or does he just have the feeling that he wants to kill something? Either way, the track is likely to end up stuck in your head, and off you’ll go, feeling groovy and possibly singing about murder.

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