Violet Sands & Justin Faust, "What Do You Feel"

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

Last Friday, the seminal Mezzanine by Massive Attack turned one year shy of drinking age here in the US, and the ripples of influence it’s sent since its release continue to expand. Today, we have a new joint effort from the smoldering Violet Sands and nu-disco producer Justin Faust that carries that particular flame channeled through a slightly more modern prism.
“What Do You Feel” finds Faust wading in more down-tempo waters as he explores the brilliant aural canvas that is the enveloping aesthetic of Violet Sands. The result is a layered, mysterious, dark yet shimmering track perfect for the opening or closing credits of any show or movie.
Violet Sands’ Derek Muro shares:
“We met Justin while he was in New York visiting from Germany, introduced by Robert Perlick-Molinari (of our label and French Horn Rebellion) who suggested that we collaborate. In an afternoon, we began experimenting with the vintage synth collection at our studio – notably the Wurli, Roland and Oberheim instruments – embracing the early-aughts electronica influence, which came out even more once Deidre wrote the lyrics and added her vocals.
After only a few hours, we had the shape of the song nearly complete and decided to meet for another session that week where the song really came together.”
Stream Violet Sands & Justin Faust’s “What Do You Feel” below and look for more from the former here and the latter here. You can also add “What Do You Feel” via your preferred service here.