Voice Coils, “An Atrium”

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voice coils

An atrium is a large open space located within a building. It is also the title of is the new track off of Voice Coils‘ new EP Heavens Sense—one which is antithetical to the experimental complexity of the band. Voice Coils are anything but vacant: the haunting and raucous energy is paired with profound lyrical observation. Unafraid, they readily explore inventive time signatures and unusual layers of sound. “Atrium” is packed with knotty instrumental lines and web-like complexity, currently also present in bands such as Big Neck Police. Each texture, chord and cadence is artistically significant in crafting the magnetism of Voice Coils. The band lineup includes Brooklyn musical all-stars Sam Garrett and Caley Monahon-Ward (Extra Life, Feast Of The Epiphany), Cameron Wisch (Porches), Kelly Moran (Cellular Chaos) and Kevin Wunderlich (Epistasis, Couch Slut), and vocals by Mitski. While “An Atrium” may seem delicate at first, the thematic chorus provides the soundtrack to your most chilling nightmare. The vocals are interrupted by a crash of drums and distortion. At times, the cathartic emotion in Mitski’s vocals echoes Bjork’s yelps. Voice Coils’ grip on melody, pacing and composition demonstrates a deep mastery.

The four track long EP Heavens Sense will be released through Shatter Your Leaves records on June 30 digitally and on limited edition cassette.