White Fang, “Bong Rip”

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White Fang

While we've been recovering from our in-house interview session with White Fang last month, they've been hard at work, or something like that. Now the Portland party animals are back again with new music, revealing the title track off their upcoming cassette-EP Bong Rip.

Just in case you were worried, the band hasn't changed a bit. Off-kilter and ridiculous as ever, White Fang are still here to remind you not to take yourself too seriously. As you may have supposed, the song revolves around partying, getting wasted and, more specifically, bong rips. They keep it simple, going heavy on the chorus and the gong. It's an anthem fit for any true stoner, vocalist Erik Gage moaning on about how he'd “like to take a bong rip of the weed” whilst backed by a bubbly sound-clip of wheezes and coughs.

The EP features five new tracks and is limited to an edition of 100. It will be up pre-order through Gnar Tapes until March 1, the remaining cassettes making the trip down to SXSW with the band.