Woollen Kits, “Susannah”

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From Melbourne, Australia comes the trio Woollen Kits who make indie rock that they themselves would want to listen to and a sound that the rest of the world is only beginning to discover. Meet Tom Hardisty, Tom Ridgewell and Leon Applebee, who accumulate everything you love about the kiwi indies, cool NYC cats from the 60s and the late 70s revolts of independence in our premiere of their new song “Susannah” off their forthcoming self-titled follow up, the Four Girls LP coming November 13 from Trouble in Mind / R.I.P. Society.

The song begins with a flutter of flute and horns before the guitars kick into a rapid jangle gear. Between the saxophone song breaths, Woollen Kits take on the dead pan too-cool deliveries and angular riffs that are hard to convey but are the reason why we love all our favorite indie groups in the first place. And what subject is greater for a future classic than the hard-to-get love interest that has got the trio of Tom, Tom and Leon feeling down while pining for affection and attention of any sort. “Susannah” we learn has that “way” that makes men want to “stay” and over at her “place” entices the song's protagonist on account of her alluring “lace.” With a hapless loud electric strum, the chorus chant is “ohhhh you gotta give it up now” repeated more than a few times with a final “give it up now” spoken to drive home the forceful peer pressure.

And despite all the coaxing, feminine wiles, hormones, lust and allusions to possible moping; Woollen Kits keep the energy upbeat in a bouncy head bop between guitars, horns and drums that exudes the unbreakable confidence of idiot optimism. “Give it up now” and give “Susannah” a spin.

Woollen Kits upcoming LP Four Girls comes out November 13 in the U.S. on Trouble in Mind and the Australian indie imprint R.I.P. Society.