Wreck & Reference, “Corpse Musem”

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Wreck & Reference

I wish there was a corpse museum. Sure, we have mummies, and the occasional life-like funeral pose, but how about a real corpse museum? One that would scare people into NOT wanting to do the things that cause people to die in such graphic ways. Do you think then, bleak genres of music would start to wane? Probably not, we're a morbid bunch. I mean, Brujeria put out a photo of a severed head on their cover, and it did little to curb either the real violence portrayed or the music it inspired. Maybe making fun of corpses would do the trick? After all, Cannibal Corpse got to be in a comedic movie even with song titles like “Stripped, Raped, and Strangled.”

Ah, the corpse, forever tied to metal in ways many of us will never understand, or maybe even appreciate. Which is why we must erect a museum. A shrine in the corpse's honor. And when one walks through the door to witness the history of corpses and their impact on society, you will hear Wreck & Reference's “Corpse Museum”. You will hear it in the commercials. It will become the jingle that plays on the radio as you drive to the museum. Grab the kids, everyone will sing along to the chorus, “Never ending / always ending.” Of course, we'll have to exit through the gift shop, where you can peruse all of the corpse-influenced tchotchkes and edibles molded to look like rotting bodies. One can only dream.

Until that wonderful day comes, we'll just have to imagine such a place while listening to the theme song set in its honor. Wreck & Reference's Want is out June 10 via The Flenser.