Young Magic, “V H S Mixtape”

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Young Magic

While I was never a skater growing up, the allure of skate videos was not lost on me. The tricks and feats of big air were impressive, but the ones I truly appreciated were done to the proper soundtrack. Young Magic's Isaac Immanuel curated a mix built from these moments, digging through his favorite dusty VHS tapes to reminisce over the fluidity in which skating and John Coltrane found unity. It seems to be no mistake that A Love Supreme can translate across such opposing mediums and eradicate the possibility that an extreme sport is not suited for free jazz.

A collection of songs from classic skate videos of the 90’s. Growing up, I didn't have an older brother or that all-knowing guru down the street who would slip you cassette mixes. Most of my discoveries came from dusty VHS tapes; wrecked from rewinding and manually slo-moing tricks over and over, until the tape would get caught in the machine. I loved Mark Gonzales’ part in Video Days—his weaving lines reminded me of movements by jazz musicians or expressionist painters—the art of exploration as important as the outcome. Thomas Campbell’s 16mm film for Supreme in ‘95 was another favorite, so it felt natural to bookend this mix with Coltrane. Enjoy. – Isaac of Young Magic

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01 John Coltrane – Acknowledgement (A Love Supreme / dir. Thomas Campbell)
02 Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn (Maurice Key / Trilogy)
03 Joe Bataan – Aftershower Funk (Eric Koston / Mouse)
04 Gang Starr– Above The Clouds (Steve Olson / Fulfill The Dream)
05 L.E.S – Worldwide (Instrumental) (Keenan Milton w/ Gino Iannucci / Mouse)
06 Portishead – Undenied (Andrew Reynolds / The End)
07 Herbie Hancock – Watermelon Man (Guy Mariano / Mouse)
08 Coltrane & The Red Garland Trio – Traneing In (Mark Gonzales / Video Days)
09 Cocteau Twins – Iceblink Luck (Jeremy Klein / Ravers)
10 John Coltrane – Acknowledgement (A Love Supreme / dir. Thomas Campbell)