Zeroh's Awfulalterations are far from it.

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Zeroh lacks confidence. In addition to calling his mixtape debut Awfulalterations, his sole promotional words following his Tumblr post are “I recommend you listen on mute.” The timidity is undeserved as Awfulalterations is a fresh tape that finds a modernized kinship with the supposedly freestyled, but undisputed train of thought rhyme style found in Saafir's Boxcar Sessions. The comparison is present down to the baritone voice.

Zeroh is a product of his Los Angeles habitat, as he lifts the sounds of the Low End Theorists for his tape. Despite exceptional skills in the rap writing department, Zeroh is one sad sap that struggles with self-imposed limitations. He raps to ladies over the phone and even when they stroke the ego, he still can't come to terms with the excellence. On album closer “suppose (ouchro)” he raps “I really wanna end this now / I just wanna get it over with / the world I invented for myself I'm really over it.” Were this truly his last record, “suppose (ouchro)” would rest in that uncomfortable space alongside Biggie's “Suicidal Thoughts”.

Download Zeroh's Awfulalterations here.

Zeroh, “MothaLuva (I'm Stoopid)”