Zeroh ft. Koreatown Oddity, “Gun Metal”

Andre G

Zeroh has a knack for vivid surrealism. To this point, his catalog has been defined by abstract musings wrapped up in flurries of multis that belie his technical prowess underneath the madness. He recently released Tinitus [HNR65] via Hit+Run, the long-awaited followup to his 2011 Awfulalterations project. “Gun Metal,” a collaboration with Koreatown Oddity, is one of the standout singles.

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The masked one starts off the track bouncing off a gnashing guitar hit to weave think-out-loud rap about “[shitting] shazam custom kazaam adidas strings” and other stream-of-consciousness reflections. He doesn’t just rely on his monotone, constantly unfolding flow, contorting his voice in myriad fashion with the help of vocal effects.

Zeroh follows up with a slightly more lucid verse, but manages to sneak in a two girls one cup reference that comes close to evening out the shenanigans. “Gun Metal” is the wonderfully perplexing combination we’d expect from the two MCs, and a nice taste of Zeroh’s newest project, which is available here.

You can stream “Gun Metal” below.

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