Spend a week with Alan Watts

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Alan Watts flyer

On a sofa in back with drink in hand, I witnessed a small crowd surrounding the local trio, Alan Watts, onstage in Brooklyn the other week. Comprised of Impose’s own former editor, Jeremy Krinsley, Heaven’s Gate’s Mike Sheffield and Pat Stankard, they served some ramped up Berlin-style industrial dance house tunes to a dazed and subdued audience.

“Look at these fucking New Yorkers,” lightly slurred my friend, Monica, and getting louder. “They’re all huddled in so close and they could dance but they won’t because they’re in New York and they’re so fucking cool. Good God, story of my life. We’re New Yorkers, we’re so fucking cool!”

“Gonna get up there?” I asked.

“I’ll start dancing if no one else does. It’s not right,” she replied.

But the deal was off because as soon as the words escaped her lips, a girl in tights began to bop around and start a domino effect of young adult rollicking. With restless flare, the music layered and crept up, louder and louder, more bass thump, and more and more dancing.

“Executioner” may or may not have been the track getting the dance to pop off at Muchmore’s that evening, but the track does happen to be the A-side of Alan Watts’ new single release from God Mode, and it parallels the audience response in music tempo gyrations. Recorded with the help of Nick Sylvester, you can stream both sides to the Executioner single below.

We'd also like to add that Jeremy is turning one year older this weekend. We won't say how old, but as the flyer above suggests, old enough to forget the placement of some vowels. So make your way out to Shea Stadium on Friday, October 26 to wish him a very happy birthday (and also catch Alan Watts with Blues Control and Hubble—a very solid lineup indeed). Being the weekend before Halloween, costumes are encouraged. Slutty costumes are “highly encouraged”. And if this weekend is tough, you can always see Alan Watts next weekend too.