Chaz treats Tyler's “French” like a Carpenter score

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Toro Y Moi remixes Tyler

Altered Zones and Gorilla vs. Bear were raised correctly. The competing blogs shared their most coveted toys, co-premiering Chaz Bundick's “French” remix. In keeping with this metaphor, Toro Y Moi's remix to Tyler The Creator's “French” is like placing your G.I. Joe Cobra Command figurines in a Star Wars X-Wing fighter and crashing that bitch into your sister's Barbie Dream House.

Chaz Bundick's “French” remix is on some Escape From New York shit, which is becoming a thing these days. We prefer the thunderous slap of the original “French,” but we have no ill words towards Chaz's swagged out down tempo'ed odd vision.

Tyler The Creator, “French” (feat. Hodgy Beats) (Toro Y Moi Remix)