Erase Errata are now very smooth

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Erase Errata, "Damaged" 7-inch on Kill Rock Stars

The Erase Errata some of you may have known is no longer in the building. “Damaged“, the new 7-inch track they dropped this week, doesn't seem to bear much relation to the frenetic, jagged rock they cut their name on.

Gone are any inflections of no wave dissonance, alien melodies, guitar god finger tricks. Instead, say hello to all the mid-oughts dance punk inflections Erase Errata managed to avoid the first time around.

But who cares. Erase Errata have a new song! I really love this band, so I still love this song, and still hear their ingenuity in the crevices, like the last half-minute breakdown, which is the tracks' great redeemer, and proof that the sense of humor that belies all Erase Errata's great work is still alive and kicking, even if the trio might be smoking a cigarette behind the studio before really getting back to work.

“Damaged” comes out on Kill Rock Stars in 7-inch form with an accompanying B side called “Ouija Boarding”.