Feminist group trying to get Tyler, The Creator's visa revoked

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tyler the creator

Tyler, The Creator has taken his specific brand of youthful rap over and under the seas with a tour in Australia, and feminist group Collective Shout is none too happy about this. In a motion against Tyler's breed of mysognistic and violent rapping style, the group has formed a petition addressed to the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Brendan O’Connor, to have Tyler's visa revoked. Tyler's response to this, as is in his nature, was to unleash a tirade of tweets and verbal abuse against Talitha Stone, the woman who began the petition and went to Tyler's concert in Sydney to protest. At the show, Stone was the subject of a lengthy, abusive tirade from the rapper, which you can see below, and Stone has now reported Tyler to the police, where he apparently must show up in court tomorrow.