New Ganglians demo

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Sacramento's Ganglians are about to embark on a European tour. Our friends across the pond are in for a treat as Ganglians are traveling with new songs in tow.

If I were to sum up the faces of the Ganglians it would be a three-headed monster. One head is in a constant state of acid trips, pouring psychedelia into every song, another head resists the electric Kool-Aid to casually strum out acoustic songs, and the last head is on vacation in the tropics – completely aloof from the tug of the other two. The new demo “My House” was written by that third head, while sipping a cucumber mojito. It's got that tropicalia vibe Ganglians showed us on songs like “Voodoo” and “Lost Words.” Although something tells me the “My House” demo is still vulnerable to the psyche-head spiking that mojito with some sunshine.

I caught a Ganglians show in Sacramento last week and “My House” should not be the only new song the group will try out on Europe. The gangly ones played a song that struck me as brooding like a bad trip and another that was a fast and blistering punk jam. All in all, I expect all these songs to grow into vicious monsters unrecognizable from their fledgling demo and live forms. Let's hope we get a new record in 2010.

Ganglians, “My House”