News: The Chemical Brothers Announce Headline Show

Brother’s Gunna Work It Out..

The prolific electronic duo, originally from Edinburgh, have announced their first solo UK show at London’s Alexandra Palace on October 3rd.
The duos career began performing in humble nightclubs in Glasgow and Edinburgh, before their career catapulted them to performing some of the biggest stages in the world. As recording artists, they’ve been nothing short of totally dominant. Their latest full length album ‘Born in The Echoes’ was their 7th #1 album, putting them in the realms of some of the U.K’s most successful musicians. They’ve also collaborated with the likes of Noel Gallagher, Beck and Q-Tip.
Now the band are known for their spectacular live shows that employ some of the most advanced pyrotechnics and visuals on the market. Regularly voted as the best live dance act on the planet, this is a show not to miss for any fans of electronic music.
Check out the Chems performing in Tokyo below: