We curated a show for Gothamist, you should come

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Marnie Stern, Tweens, Amanda X at Rough Trade Impose Gothamist Will Gaynor

We here at Impose like to straddle the line of ambiguity. So entirely entrenched in indie, it's sometimes awkward for us to do things like deal with festivals, booking agents, mandatory venue fees, 21+ alcohol sales, and any other beneficiaries of an industry now saved by the Internet. Luckily for us, we're also crafty, and like any good plutocrat we've found a loophole to bring you a great show by sidestepping as much responsibility as possible. It's as though we've found the music industry Super PAC.

Wait, that doesn't sound good… Then again, I'm sure the SCOTUS would be on our side.

Point is, we've curated an awesome show, that the great folks at Gothamist are presenting over at Rough Trade. It's all part of a festival that happens on the Northside of Brooklyn, and the best part (besides the bands)? It all goes down on Friday, the 13th. So bring your black cat and come party with us, because we won't be lifting a finger (except for the pinky on our wine glass).

Friday, June 13 at Rough Trade (64 N. 9th, Brooklyn)

Gothamist Presents:
(Curated by Impose)

Marnie Stern
Amanda X

8pm | 21+ | $10/$12