Talking with Marissa Paternoster and the Don Giovanni crew, plus death by e-cigs

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screaming females

On last night's episode of our radio show on The Heritage Radio Network, Chris Robbins and Derek Evers sat down with some of New Jersey's finest musicians, label owners, and friends over a pizza and an e-cig to discuss their current tour. Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females, Noun) and Joe Steinhardt (Modern Hut, Don Giovanni Records owner) are out on the road promoting their solo projects and we get down and dirty about what it's like to come from and play in the Garden State. Then, on the latter half of the show, we have Jesse Gaddis, CEO of Brooklyn-owned e-cigarette company Bedford Slims on the show to discuss new legislation that supervillain pizza-lover Mike Bloomberg is trying to pass through under the radar. It's another doozy of an episode from Nothing Urgent, but what did you expect?

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