Robert Pollard challenges Webster's

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Robert Pollard

Robert Pollard might have very well surpassed the the defintion of prolific. He could be the fourth definition in Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, but that would belittle his legacy. We propose his last name could become a noun.


1. one who ages with grace and continued inventiveness, while expanding beyond all previous understandings of prolificacy : This year he became a true pollard of the art rap scene.

Not to toot our own horn, but it's got a nice ring to it. Wouldn't you agree?

By our estimation, Sir Pollard is releasing his 17th solo full length entitled Lord Of The Birdcage. The album explores a brave new writing process for Pollard, in which the Lo-Fi Lord transforms previously written poems into song lyrics. There's a fair share of power-pop pitted against acoustic ballads, but without falling into grotesque dad rock fads. The new definition stands!

Robert Pollard, “In A Circle”

Lord Of The Birdcage is out May 31 on Guided By Voices, Inc.

Be sure to catch Sir Pollard on his GBV victory lap of summer festivals that include Pitchfork, Northside, Hopscotch and Sasquatch Festivals.